Austin Regional Clinic accepts the health insurance plans and networks listed below. If you have additional questions about health insurance please see our page of Frequently Asked Questions about Health Insurance. If you would like more information about how you can become a patient at Austin Regional Clinic, please call our Information Hotline, 512-ARC-INFO (512-272-4636). If you have questions about Health Insurance options in Texas, visit the Texas Department of Insurance.

To register or to update your insurance information with us, please call Central Registration at 512-407-6446. You will need all of your new health insurance information on hand for this phone call as well as any personal information that has changed. If you have an insurance plan that must be renewed monthly, call and update the information with Central Registration before your visit. This can prevent you from being delayed at the front desk or having an appointment rescheduled because your insurance is no longer compatible with ARC.

If you have questions about 2017 HIE plan options, and would like us to contact you directly by e-mail, please sign up for more information by sending a “customer service question” using our contact form, and entering "Send HIE plan update" in the Comments/Questions field.

(Updated January 17, 2017)

ARC In-Network Plans

If you have a health plan not listed below, please expect to pay out-of-network prices based on the details in your plan. Contact your health plan for more details.

* For established patients only.

Health Insurance Exchange (HIE) Plans

Medicaid/Medicaid Managed Plans

Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans

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